My dad and I were successful this year in drawing a Wyoming unit 100 Cow Elk tag. I am in the beginning process of trying to get some direction for this hunt and thought I would start here before calling the Wyoming game and fish/wildlife biologist. I was wondering if anybody had any tips as far as a good place to start in this unit? It is a large unit but seems to have a large population of elk.
*We were planning on a 5 day hunt, does this seem like enough time to be successful if we hunt hard?
*We have a Polaris side-by-side. Would this be worth bringing along?
*Am I better off hunting opening day? or should I wait a few days to let some of the hunting pressure cool off?
*Am I better off getting a few miles off of the road and glassing? or what is the best way to hunt in the open desert?

Any advice from people familiar with the area or who have hunted it before would be awesome! Feel free to private message me if you would sooner discuss there. Thanks!