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Anything less than 6 points going in last year couldn't pull 61 on a points basis. You'd have to get lucky and draw one of the random tags. This is one of the most popular units in WY and the odds show it.

A Type 2 permit on 62 would be doable as you could draw it with 0 points, but I have heard that 62 has some serious access issues (which leads me to believe that is the reason you can draw the Type 2 with 0 points). If you were to apply for 62, I'd make sure you have a spot with guaranteed access.

Keep in mind that quotas may be cut substantially this year (up to a third I've heard in some units). That doesn't bode well for odds either. Maybe those that do decide to put in will get lucky though because others are sitting it out this fall hoping for better conditions for horn growth next year. Only time will tell.
There is a lot of BLM land in 62, I have never had a problem with access.