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    I may be real wrong, but I bet that most hunters are real happy if they kill a high 70's inch scoring buck and that also goes for the blue chip areas. Most can't keep their finger off the trigger or spend the days and time need to kill an 82 inch buck. Been there myself and seen more that a few others shoot a decent buck that was close to their rig or road. The poster didn't really say what caliber of buck he was looking for. I've been in a few areas that were not even green chip and found a few that would make most happy, especially a NR with limited time and knowledge of the area. Just my observations from the last 3 seasons hunting antelope in WY.
    So where to spend 4 or 5 points is a moot point if your not looking for > 82 in buck.

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    This thread is a little confusing being from 2 different years and 2 guys asking similar questions. lol. I have herd numbers are down from a few sources but in the 2 different units I hunted the last 2 years I saw lots of antelope in both and killed 2 antelope most hunters would be very happy with. Most units in WY hold decent antelope numbers and IMO the biggest issue or factor for the DIY public land hunter is public land and access to it. If you are truly looking for a B&C+ buck it might be best to hold out for 1 of the units known for producing that caliber of buck but other wise with 3-5 points you can draw a unit you can have a very good hunt in. I would apply for the unit with the best access/public land you have the points to draw and go for it! If you are in a unit with a high %of public land and good access its pretty hard to have a bad antelope hunt in WY.



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