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    I was hunting region Y, both on and off the NF. Unfortunately, I was only out there on a short scouting trip and I had too much ground to cover to spend more than a day in each area I wanted to check out, otherwise I am sure we could have hung a tag on a decent buck. I did close the distance to 45 yds on a 140ish 4x4, but decided to pass, as I still had the rifle season. Turns out I should have taken the shot, but thats hunting.

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    I know the feeling, but at least you got to get out there, right? I'm looking forward to finding somewhere I can get out prior to harvest and hopefully get a buck or bull down and with everyone's help I'm off to a better start now than what I was! It sure is a daunting task looking at all of the different states and their rule/regs, seasons, more rules, and everything else! Thanks everyone for the help! This should at least give me a good start to begin my research for coming years.

    My next question to the group would be late season bow hunts? Anyone have a favorite? I know Arizona has some Jan. hunts that I could do, but it sure is expensive buying an out of state license every year! Are there any other states you can bow hunt out west that have a season in Dec and Jan that you aren't waist deep in snow and can produce some good bulls or bucks? We usually have enough snow here in SD so I'd be looking to get away from it and the cold temperatures for a "vacation"!
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