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Entirely. The bears that i deal with are in 70,71. Its thick. from the trailheads all the way to the yellowstone line. My camp sits 18 miles into the wilderness, we pack in boat batteries and run 3 strand electric fence around the entire camp and corral area that pushes 11,000 volts when turned on. I guess i should mention that if we didnt have that fence, we would have a grizz IN camp each night most likely. They are a serious nuisance and get worse as the season goes on and they get closer to hibernation as they look more and more for food sources. I will try to remember to post up a couple game cam pics i got this fall of one of the biggest bears i have deal with. He caused us absolute havoc around camp this year, so i set up a game cam and got picture and video of him hitting the fence.
Screw all that... When decided what units to apply for, the first question I answer, above all else, is: Are there grizzlies in the area. I refuse to hunt anywhere near where they are, or might could be.

You could say I have an mildly irrational fear of them.