Hi everyone. This is my first post after having reviewed this forum for a while.

My hunting buddy and I are finally thinking of applying for unit 43 high country deer hunt. We have 9 pts each and really want to give this a try.

We have hunted elk several times in a different unit and have been very successful with that. So we are not new to colorado hunting but new to high country deer hunting and I'm a little overwhelmed with the idea of a true back country hunt now that it finally might be happening. Our elk hunts allowed for us to drive to our camping spot and then hike out each morning to hunt. However, from what I have been understanding from this forum (awesome forum by the way) and other research I have done we are probably looking at a several mile hike into maroon bells before we would set camp and then hunt from there.

Am I on the right track of what to expect? Any other input will greatly be appreciated on where to hunt, opinion of Maroon Bell hunting, equipment for this first time mule deer hunter.