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T.S., tough call. you are pushing the edge for comfortable pack fit (your torso length would be important in figuring this out). I haven't talked to many 6'5" guys who love Eberlestock. The pack fits me perfect with one suspension ladder adjustment to spare and I am 6ft tall. People either love or hate Eberlestock pack fits. I would recommend trying on any eberlestock (Just One Series" packs and see what you think. The Team Elk uses the same adjustable suspension system as those packs (J34, J107, JP9).
Personally i think eberlestocks suit tall guys better anyway. I am 5'8" so obviously I am not tall, but I owned an eberlestock and everyone I have played with has been too long for my liking even when shortened up with the torso length adjustment. With weight on my eberlestock always sat too low and rubbed on me to the point of serious damage on long multi day pack outs.