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    What Old HUnter said. I already Posted to hunt the Continental Divide. My info is from flyovers, its unreal what lives up there. Don't shoot a 170 up there, if you go.

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    One thing I look for in my research is what a unit will "consistently" produce so I have reasonable expectations going into a hunt. I realize nearly every unit in Colorado can produce a big buck, but I look for units that consistently produce a certain class buck, with the opportunity at better. I am not big on "scores", on the other hand it is a tool that helps me assess the quality of deer in a unit. If someone tells me, "most guys will get a four point", that doesn't mean a lot, because that could be 130 class deer or 170 class deer, a huge difference.

    If a unit puts out 160 class bucks consistently with a descent population of older higher scoring bucks, being the kind of guy who really works hard on my tags, I figure I will probably be in that group that takes a 160+ bucks and I'll have a chance at better. I can live with that. I like to go into it with reasonable expectations, because seeing a picture of the biggest buck harvested on a unit in the last 5 years, and hoping I'll get one like it, only leads to disappointment.

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    I would look for either a 4th season or early high country rifle tag with that many points. If you do put in for a 4th season tag make sure the unit has a good amount of public land. Most early rifle tags are for timberline and all of that is public ground anyways. Good luck.
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