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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrowCrazy View Post
    Suggest you start with the lightest limbs you can get and build form from there.
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    maybe, maybe not, depending on what his letoff is on the compound, I'd think. Certainly for getting good form/release sooner, absolutely, yes. 50's a good all-around number in my book. When the release starts to go South, I'll switch back to my Samick target bow at 38lbs for a little refresher. One thing we don't know is how much stacking is going on. One of my bows is a 50# Bickerstaffe longbow, and that thing's got incredible stacking and hand shock, both. Not a fun bow to shoot! My Samick might stack, but I'll usually shoot either a Toelke Whip at 57#, or a Griffon GL from Border Bows, at 58#, so I probably won't notice too much stacking with the Samick.
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