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    Nevada needs your support.

    I usually don't get involved in the political side of hunting. Its very difficult to decide who is on the correct team. Today while I was paying my monthly bill at the taxidermist something was brought to my attention. And I feel a need to share and ask for support. The power and ability that us forum groups have is larger than we take for granted. I have pasted the email I received from my taxidermist below that outlines why.

    (((As some of you are aware, Senator Scott Hammond has introduced a bill (Senate Joint Resolution 7) which proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to protect the ability to continue hunting, fishing and trapping in the state. We are grateful that Senator Hammond has taken this action to protect the rights of sporting families in our state. Now its our turn to take action.

    The first hearing on the SJR7 will be FEBRUARY 28, 2013 at 8:00 am in Carson City at the legislative building, room 2144. Before the hearing, and at the hearing, we need to get busy.

    First, each one of you should contact your state senator and assemblymen and tell them that you support this initiative and that you would like them to do the same.

    Second, please contact the members of your organizations, friends, and family, and ask them to do the same. Also, we will need to have representation from our various groups at the February 28 hearing. This hearing will be our first opportunity to tell our elected officials why we believe the constitution should be amended to protect hunting, fishing and trapping in Nevada. We can gain tremendous momentum if we are well represented at this hearing. I will follow up to see if this hearing will be video broadcast to the Grant Sawyer building here in town.

    Right now he's getting input from the antis and the naysayers --- he needs to hear from us!!!!)))

    After speaking with the gentleman that shared this email with me he kindly asked if possible everyone just send the email to my personal email and I will then send him a file of all the emails I have received in a organized fashion. I told him no problem at all and I will do everything I can to share this information with people who want to protect the right to hunt in Nevada. Your support will be valued for years to come. Thanks everyone!

    Andrew Miller

    (Send emails to) with the subject line stating : Support hunting in Nevada.

    I promise I will not add your email to any mailing list. Or that this will result in any sort of junk mail being received.
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