Hi All:

I have been putting in for my own preference points for Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Wyoming actually has only been for antelope. Utah and Colorado are for both mule deer and elk. That said, out of all of them I have only been putting in my wife for Wyoming antelope preference. Most likely will put in for a antelope tag next year for a blue chip (start trying) but I don't expect to try Colorado or Utah for a few years (going for the limited draw higher quality tag).

She likes to hunt and is feeling a little left out! So curious what a reasonable mid-difficulty with potential of 170 class mule deer and a respectable elk region/trip is? I haven't looked into it at all yet so am starting here. She can get up and down the Badlands in North Dakota so she isn't the prairie-trail, hold-her-hand type hunter. But I don't think she'd enjoy the under the stars or spike camp type hunt either. So lookin for that base camp, go out in the prime-time and be back at a wood burning stove each night.

Any suggestions? State...region...years to draw?

In the meantime, I think we'll take a trip out to Montana this year.

Thanks for any suggestions!