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I went with the DT1 on the bikini frame. I added a couple of accessories. Now the waiting game until my pack shows up! I haven't received a ship date, but Aron did give me an ETA when I was talking with him on the phone.

I opted to go with the foliage for color. The highlander camo just wasn't worth the extra money to me.

By the time I added the pockets I wanted to the highcamp bag, I was spending more money and had no real weight savings over the DT1. Really, the only thing I would have gotten with the highcamp configured how I had it would have been more cubic inches. I thought the likelihood of a scenario where 8000ci would have been just enough and 7200ci wouldn't cut it was very low. Be that as it may, I can always add pockets or pods to my bag if really necessary.

I did go with a grab-it kit and the gen.2 hanging meat bag.

I hope my pack purchasing days are coming to an end. I said the same thing about my binocular purchasing days recently as well. #confessionsofagearqueen
Very good choice, I "had" to add a bt3 to my order middle of April can't get here soon enough! I talked to Snyder a few days ago, he gave me the impression orders are a little behind schedule but not too bad.