Being a unproductive Elk hunter I have read many forums, but haven't posted much...Hoping to get some input.

As many of you out there, I have PP's invested in many states. In the meantime I am in the process of finding a OTC unit for rifle in CO for the slow years. I have heard a lot about the "Orange Army" in OTC units during the rifle seasons.

Trying to get an idea of some wilderness areas that I can escape some of the pressure. I have a hard time competeing with people! I know I cant escape the whole crowd, but was looking for some advice on wilderness areas that may be better options. I am willing to rent some horses to make this possible. I have torn up stats, maps, CO web, ect..Not afraid of train as long as I don't have to scale cliffs.

Any input is appreciated, just looking for some vague areas to zero in on. I can take care of the rest. Can always swap some advise on MT.