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I noticed there's not alot of deer there, I am considering deer hunting there once or twice though in the near future, even though I saw as many bears as I did nice bucks. I saw a couple good bucks when I was looking for sheep in '11, it would be a hell of a pack out from where they were, but the ones I saw would be worth it. I wish I wasn't 9 hrs away from that country, I don't get to go there enough. I would take up bear hunting if I were closer.
I traditionally hunted Chesnim for deer but have given up trying to keep up with the predators and have switched to the desert and done really well. I know there are still some big bucks down over the breaks cause I see them in the rut during elk season but if you go out year round as I do (at least twice a week) and see virtually no fawns with the does you can see the handwriting on the wall.
We have what we call "boys week" for grouse the first week of September every year and so I've probably met or seen you out there; the sheep hunters are usually doing their do-dilligence at that time. I assume you know that Vic Coggins retired as of December 31. He will be missed in the sheep world...