I been wondering this for a couple years... The famed Mule Deer Unit 270 is bordered to the east and the south by several general tag or unlimited tag areas. So my question is are the monster bucks that are found in 270 located centrally or away from these units? Or are they just hunted in November when they moved out of the high country. It seems to me that at least during the early bow season, one could hunt the adjacent unit, say 211, in the high backcountry that these units share and find a really good buck. I grew up hunting elk in 211, but I have never heard of anyone even trying to do this. Honestly, I saw more whitetails than mule deer but I didn't hunt the backcountry in 211 very much. I have heard of a few stories of people seeing big mule deer bucks in the Pintlers while camping in the summer or bowhunting elk, but again, I have never even heard of anyone specifically attempting to bowhunt mule deer in the Pintler or Sapphire mountains in these units adjacent to such a historically great mule deer unit. So is there an opportunity that no one is taking advantage of or are the monster bucks in 270 just nowhere near these other units?