Hi everyone i'm new to the western hunting and i have big dreams of all big game. i elk hunted few times even took a nice 6x6 with my revolver at 20 yards but i have been using guides and i'm looking to find a area on some public land somewhere i can get to know and not use any more guides and i don't want to wast money just ventureing out onto land that doesn't have what i'm looking for. One way i want to approach this idea is to 1 use the MRS to find decent hunting 2 scout out this area i'm going to commit to by camping during the hunt season to see how the animals will be moving during the hunt season. and if i can get a otc tag that would be a big plus. and to the people on here with much back country skill. does this sound like a good plan to start calling a place my place to hunt or should i stay more move able season to season.