I am 75 years old in a couple of months & New to rifle hunting - last two years. Have shot four whitetail (2 Buck & 2 doe) - Buck & doe in Black Hills of SD & same for East River SD. As I'm on "retirement income" for all practical purposes, I've been hunting 100% public land. Would really like to shoot an Elk before I 'croak, but #1 ... do not want to shoot one that is "fenced in" and #2 ... would like to keep to cost down to "reasonable"; a few hundred dollars for a guide or something at the most if possible. I'll probably NEVER get an Elk license in my home state of SD, so assume I'm going to need to go to Wyoming, Montana, Colorado or Idaho. ANY advice would be most appreciated.

I am an experienced sportsman from the standpoint of shotgun hunting (ducks, geese and pheasant) and fishing of all types (freshwater and saltwater) and yes........ I am in good health; can walk!