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    I have to agree with the others on the X1. I do not believe you will find a better day pack for a rifle hunt. The gun scabbard is unmatched and the pack does its job. It is obviously not going to be comfortable for large loads but that is not its purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikeepitcold View Post
    If you use any type of scabbard style pack and your knobs are exposed, no caps to cover them or no locks on then use a scope cover to cover the while scope and turrets. I have had the elevation turret turn on me before and missed a buck of a life time. The scope cover will keep the turrets from turning when putting the gun in and out.
    Best advice! I use an Eberlestock J-107 with the internal scabbard, but even then, my knobs are covered (boy, you could really run with the innuendo on that statement!). If you have concerns about losing zero, I'd take a look at what our snipers use to hump their long guns with in the field.

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    I use a horn hunter mainbeam. It has what they call gear grippers on it that strap your rifle in. Good side, you can attach anything to it... bad side, you have to have a buddy unbuckle it or you have to take the pack off. Terrible for an animal jumping up right in front of you. It isn't a true frame pack, and is more of a larger day pack, but I have packed a lot of weight in mine from animals to gear. They are a decent price, but I don't think offer as much adjustability as eberlestock
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