I've only every hunted mule deer in New Mexico during the rut archery season. Deer, especially bucks are everywhere and seems that every other deer has antlers. In the early AM, the deer were atop ridges and mountains. Bedded for a couple of hours from 9-12, moved a bit, bedded again from 2-3 and were on the move from 3-dusk. I know NOT to expect this in Wyoming in October.

  • So my question is where (elevation, vegetation, habitat, etc.) should I expect to find deer? We are fixin' on hunting the Bighorn Nat'l Forest.
  • What tactic would you use? Spot from a high vantage point and stalk? Ambush in the timber?
  • Also looking for some isolated, rough country that where those that lack motivation will not go, but have deer in the Bighorns.....specifically Region Y (units 24,25,27,28,30,32,33,163,169)

Thanks for any help!