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    What to build, any ideas?

    So I have an "extra" Savage Weather Warrior in .243 (stainless, with accu-trigger and blind mag). I already have one in .243 (plus a .270 and a .300 win), that belongs to my son. This one is just taking up space, so I'm thinking I'll turn it in to something else. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a Deer/Antelope gun, could use for Elk in a pinch, and mild enough recoil my wife can shoot it. Obviously short action... There is the obvious 7mm 08, Not sure if a 7X57 would chamber in the short action (it is technically a short action round I believe, but with heavier bullets optimal for the caliber???), maybe a 6.5 Creedmore, anything else anyone wants to suggest?

    What else would you do to it (stock, etc), just for the fun of dreaming?

    And what barrel would you use (I am thinking the Shillen Savage drop in, Stainless Match grade Select...)???
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