My dilemma is I'm 62yrs and have one deer point. Looking at the draw odds I'm never going to draw the best limited deer hunts in WY before I'm too old. I'm still in good shape and can pack in 4 or 5 miles if I have to. I've hunted region D 4 or 5 times in the past and drew 118 deer once. Region D has change a lot since I last hunted it and is in a down cycle. I'm now looking at region R or K. To burn my point in.

My questions, which area has the better chance to kill a 140-160 point buck in. I'll be happy with a buck like that. Which area has the most public land and less hassle's with private land and hunting pressure. I'll be looking at the new MRS for sure but maybe someone that has hunted there can shed some light on these areas.

Another option would be to apply for a hard to draw area and hope to get lucky and pick up an F or M tag after the draw or as a second choice area.

Any thoughts or information on this subject would be appreciated.