One of the few western states I have not put in for is Montana.
Montana has such a complicated system compared to other states I wanted to check with some of you Non Residents that have been applying to make sure I understand it correctly, if not please explain it to me.

As a non resident if you want to build points to pull a tag in the limited entry units for deer and elk you have to apply for the following.

Non resident deer and elk combo (Big Game) $959.00
Apply for the special deer permit $5.00
Apply for the special elk permit $9.00
Pay the $20.00 bonus point fee for both species $40.00
For a total application fee of $1013.00

Then if you do not get drawn for the special hunt (limited entry) you can return your license for a 80% refund.
This leaves the bonus points for deer and elk costing $246 and if you buy the Preference point for the combo license it would be another $50 for a grand total of $296; however, currently they have left over NonResident Big Game combination licenses so there is no need to currently buy the Preference Point.

Am I understanding the process and fees correctly or is there a cheeper way to build points in Montana?