My brother and I (both ID residents) have been applying for several years for the Trout Creek Mtns and Steens Mt controlled rifle mule deer hunts with no success. With 9 preference points currently, we appear to be at least 5+ years out for Trout Creek and another 1-2+ years for Steens. Note: see the attached link I found on the web regarding OR drawing odds, and many thanks to Ron Wold from Portland, OR for taking the time to crunch the numbers and making the info accessible:
Anyways, we are now looking to put our points to use this year and are looking at applyinig for either the Owyhee, Snake River, Beaulah or Silvies rifle hunts. Looking over EHJ's MRS section for Oregon I noticed there is no mention whatsoever of the Silvies unit. Based on the number of tags/applicants, it appears to be a fairly sought after tag.
Would appreciate anyone's $.02 on the subject, or any suggestions as to what other units might be worth our time investigating. Also, is the Steens tag worth holding out for a couple more years compared to these other units?