I took my 12-year old nephew, 6-year old nephew, and their dad youth turkey hunting last weekend. It was the 2nd year hunting for the 12-year old and the first turkey hunt the 6-year old has got to tag along on. I watched 2 toms for over 3 hours Friday evening and put them to bed. We got in there early the next morning and set up a ground blind with all 4 of us in it, little tight I set out 2 hen decoys as I knew these toms were alone. Did a little calling and they both flew down and came hustling towards the decoys. I was trying to video and keep my shooter in the right position so the video isn't stellar but my nephew killed the 2nd bird in (safety was on for the first one). He had a 10" beard and 1 1/2" spurs. That bird will be hard to beat with spurs like that and I'm having the tail fan, beard, and spurs mounted for him. The 6-year old loved every minute of it too, so it looks like I have some more fun hunting coming. It is great to get out with these boys and they already have a passion for the outdoors. I love to hunt and am absolultely ate up with it but taking those boys is every bit as rewarding. I'm not sure who is smiling more, me or the boys

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