I was digging around on the on interweb and found these, they put them in MREs and sell them individually. I requested a sample and they're sending me a BBQ Beef and Apple Turnover.

Some look good (BBQ Beef and Chicken), some, not so much (Pepperoni Stick and Bacon and Cheese).

I'm going to let the sit in the fridge overnight and try half of them cold (like I'd expect to be eating them in the woods most of the time) and then try the other half warmed up in the microwave.

I'll let you know what I think, but they're issuing the in MREs now and the military has gone to great lengths in the last decade to make the MREs more fu-fu, so I expect they shouldn't be half bad.

They're $4 each, but I found a place selling them for $2.50, either way, the price isn't too bad and about the same cost per calorie as Mountain House but have a higher calorie to weight ratio when you figure in the water needed for the Mountain House.

If anybody's interested and wants a sample, go to their website (www.bridgford.com), click on "Ready to eat sandwiches", go to FAQ and you'll see "Can I get a Sample".

Give them your address and tell them what you'd like to try (I asked for four, they sent two) and I got a reply back the same day and they didn't ask if I was with a business or anything.