This is my first time applying in new mexico and would appreciate any opinions of my hunt selections. I only have 10 days this year to hunt out west and trying to have as many tags in my pocket as possible. Putting in the same units because dont want the possbility of drawing a muledeer tag and an elk tag hundreds of miles apart. Just wanted to know if you guys think i should concentrate on one species or is this a good plan. My ultimate goal is to hunt I am not a Trophy Hunter. I guess what I am worried about is only having one choice for mule deer, I know the odds for elk in the gila are tough I have read the NM Divisions Draw Reports.

Mule Deer: 1st choice/ is going to be unit 16 Archery only
No second or third choice.

Elk: 1st choice/ 3rd archery season Unit 16b
2nd choice/2nd archery season unit 16b
3rd choice/ 1st archery season unit 16b