So I have a dilemma and thought I would get some advise from you guys.

I have 5 points going into the Wy draw this year. I was supposed to draw last year as many of you know the 100% chance to draw isn't exactly that. Anyway with all the talk about how crappy the weather has been and the low numbers and trophy quality should I try and draw or just buy points? 114 would be my top choice, rifle. So the dilemma is I'm thinking of booking with Sizzling S out of Montana for a Mule Deer hunt but I can't swing the cost for both and I won't know what we will draw for Nv until after the deposit will be made for Mt and I probably will draw Wy and Nv. I don't want to draw Wy if the trophy quality will suck this year so I'm thinking of doing the Mt hunt buying points for Wy and taking the chance on Nv. What do you think? Thanks