Ok so I picked up my long awaited PSE DNA. It is 70lbs, black out. I got this bow and immediately noticed how light it was. Man, just like a carbon element. So I really like that. Now on to the draw cycle. I have been hearing mixed feelings. Now I am only a 27" draw, I haven't shot a 70lbs bow for 3 months. So basically it's like I haven't shot the bow. I drew it back, OH my gosh, this is as smooth as the evo. I can't believe this was so smooth. No humps, pulls nice into a nice transition/valley and then the stops. Draw cycle is basically evo 7 smooth/ vendetta. I am not a big fella either. The flex slide is awesome. Love that also. For aiming, it was solid. Just like a vendetta. So this bow has definitely impressed me. But the insanity, evo, omen bows I have shot were all nice too and made my jaw drop. I haven't been able to try any new hoyts this year but am going to try a prime. All I can say is PSE upped their game big time. This bow shouldn't be leaving me whatsoever. Now this is MY OPINION for you fellas. But honestly I have a feeling anyone of todays bows are easy to draw. This is my favorite so far. All I can say is wow, we are so lucky as bow shooters to have all these great bows! Thanks fellas and have a awesome day and shoot straight!


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