Was planning on trying to draw a muley tag in CO this year or hunt elk OTC if we didn't draw. But now we have decided to apply for antelope in WY 106 with 2 points. Might be able to pull these tags in the special draw. Also want to apply 2nd choice region E for mule deer and save our points. hunt 97 or 96 if we draw. About a 24 hr drive so trying to get 2 birds with one stone. I know this isn't a good year to apply for WY with the conditions but wont be looking for monsters just some decent bucks and a fun experience since this will be our first trip west. Plan on being there close to 2 weeks. I'm hoping we can fill 2 antelope tags in 3 or 4 days. We won't be too picky. Then spend the rest of the time trying to find a mule deer since I think this will be much more difficult. Any info or help would be much appreciated since a scouting trip is out of the question and this will be our first time out west. Thanks!