I'm planning to try and enter the draw for NR antelope this year. I've put in for pref points over the last 4 years, and have put my daughter in for 1 (this was her first year allowed to apply). So, I have 4 points, she has one point. I've put in soley for the purpose of taking her on an antelope hunt. She's wanted to do this since she was 6 or 7 (dont ask me why). Anyways, the question is, if I put in a party application, do the points add up then divide by the number of people in the party? If this is so, we would have 2.5, which I just assume, will be rounded down (which would result in the loss of a point). Do, I have this right? I suppose I could put us in seperately, which would give me a probable draw for the units we are considering (63,83). But that would sort of defeat the effort (getting her a tag) I dont think I would be legally allowed to let her "shoot" my tag (Alaska allows this). So, do they combine points then divide and round down or is there another method the WY G&F follows?