Hello everyone,

I hope I'm posting this introduction in the correct forum. Anyway, I am an avid hunter,fisherman,and trapper here in Michigan. I have been hunting in quite a few different places, but I would have to say that since I started hunting Wyoming in the mid '90's I found that Wyoming is my favorite place to hunt. We love the western states. I hunt with my son, and my wife who loves to hunt Pronghorn.

I see a wealth of combined hunting experience is available on this site, and I hope to be able to learn even more as I read the forums. I hope to be able to contribute to this site as well. We are planning to hunt Wyoming again this fall...I plan to retire Sept. 30th, so that we can be sure to get out to Wyoming a little early for our hunt. We would like to stop again at Custer State Park in South Dakota for some fishing.

My goal is to get enough PP for Wy. Elk, I currently have 3 and will buy another this year. We do have an elk season in Michigan but its very difficult to draw a tag. I have been applying since the state started the elk draw 25 or 30 yrs ago!

Sorry, I'm rambling now....lol.....any info. I can provide to help, I will be happy too.

Looking forward to participating.

Thanks again for the great site and its members.