I will hopefully be a first time western hunter in 2013. I have 1 PP for antelope and will be trying to harvest a decent buck. I have recently purchased both a Delorme Gazetteer and a HuntingGPSMaps SD card for my Garmin. I am looking to hunt DIY on public land to avoid any extra trespass fees. I also don't want to be trespassing illegally because I don't know how the roads work in Wyoming. For discussion purposes only, I will use Unit 16 as an example for this post.

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This picture shows a portion of the southern part of unit 16. North of I-90 and west of the Powder river.
Are the maroon roads public roads or private, or does it depend? Are these two tracks or hard surface roads?

According to the gazetteer, there is an exit to Dry Creek Rd at exit 82. Proceeding west or east will eventually hook up with BLM land. Is it legal to cross the private land on these roads without permission?

Also, the blue and purple routes show roads to access even more BLM land, but once again, these are crossing private land. Is it legal to cross these private parcels without permission?

Also, referring to the gazetteer again, some roads are named roads [Dry Creek Road], some are numbered roads [204, 195 etc] and some roads in other units are FS numbered roads. Are all of these considered public roads? Is there a rule of thumb for whats public and whats private?