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    Vortex Razor HD 18-48x65 Scope

    Apparently, the new Vortex Razor HD 18-48x65 and 11-33x50 spotting scopes were at the SHOT show. Has anyone seen them yet or seen an early review?

    From the Vortex website and others, here are the specs on the 18-48x65 compared to the 20-60x85:

    Objective Lens Diameter:65 mm
    Linear Field of View:138-75 feet/1000 yards (vs. 115-70)
    Angular Field Of View:2.7-1.4 degrees (vs. 2.2-1.1)
    Close Focus:11.5 feet (vs. 16.5)
    Eye Relief:18-20 mm (same as the 85)
    Exit Pupil:4.1-1.4 mm (?)
    Length:14.6 & 14.1 inches (vs. 15.75 & 15.3)
    Weight:48.4 ounces (vs. 65.7)
    List Price: $1,200 (vs. $1,600)

    I haven't seen anything comparing the brightness of the 65 to the 85 or saying if there are other improvements this year. I assume the 85 is brighter, but I'm not sure by how much.

    It appears that the 11-33x50 does not have a removable eyepiece, so you can't put a fixed 30x eyepiece on it. That's too bad; I would prefer the fixed.

    Any comments on the Vortex Dakota tripod one vendor is giving away with a purchase of the 18-48x65?
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