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    We hunted unit 7 a few years ago. We paid an access fee to hunt a ranch. Make sure if you are paying to hunt a ranch it's big. 10k plus acres. If it's not they leave the ranch when you shoot one and we spent several days seeing only does.
    There are some walkin areas and some public land. Definitely get a gps chip with the land owner information. We found one nice goat but didn't shoot at him because we didn't know if it was private land, turns out it was public.

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    We hunted unit 27 last year and it has a great deal of public land in the north but it is not lope country. On the south there is a large amount of lope country and lopes but mostly private land. If you want to pay an access fee you could easily get a nice lope. You will have to do quite a bit more searching if you are staying on public as access is very limited in 27. No experience with 7. Anyone else agree?

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    Eastmans MRS gives you the amount of public land in each unit. If you plan to hunt any western state, buy a gps unit and the Hunt GPS chip. This will keep you on public land without having to worry about trespassing. The time you save will be worth far more than the cost of the chip.



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