I'm planning a hunt with a friend, we are from far eastern ND, so it's a long ways from home and we are 18. Closer the unit, the better. But we also want the best possible unit. We have zero preference points but a lot of ambition. We have looked at units 27 and 7 as first choice units as they seem to have everything we want, good lopes, public and, and it's not IMPOSSIBLE to draw in. We want to live out of a tent with a wood stove or a popup camper since it'll be late Oct or early Nov. Don't really wanna get a motel room... But what units to choose????? There is so many and I can't find a map with public land shown on the G & F website. But we just want a chance to shoot a 12" antelope. We aren't trophy hunting for 15"er. We are both accurate with our rifles past 350 yards. So what units for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice???? Thanks, Justin and Thomas.