How as everyone been doing on the coyote hunting in 2013?

Mine started off crappy with loosing my remote to my Foxpro then my decoy crapped out on me. I picked up a Primos Alpha Dogg caller and a Mojo Critter, went out last sunday and on the first set got a double haulin ass to the decoy. My partner that was with me got excited and shot at the lead dog at 200 yards with him on the run! Needless to say he missed and blew the set. I let loose 5 shots at the back dog with my AR 223 with not luck, I cant hit shiz on the run. Either way we had fun and my buddy got his education on dog hunting after that one.

I hope to go out this sunday to a spot where I saw a dog that looked like a friggin German Shepard with 3 others.

How bout you?