Hey guys, new guy here from Indiana. I am heading out to Medora to hunt mulies in Sept. and was wondering if you guys had some input on tactics, gear and so on. It will be an archery hunt and the area is considered the Badlands, property is just north of Roosevelt Park. I have hunted antelope in the area multiple times so I am familiar with the property. I will be using an Athens Affliction at 90lbs, flying Easton Full Metal Jackets tipped with Rage 2 blades. One concern I have is camo patterns, I have been looking heavily into Predator Brown Deception but am open to any suggestions. Lastly what do you guys think is some good essential gear for muley spot and stalk hunting? I have some experience hunting western game animals, taken an antelope with my bow and missed an archery elk last year in CO. (I see that arrow fall short everyday). Thanks in advance for the help.