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I think I am going to need a horse or mule to ride in the back country. What makes the best back country riding animal? I plan to exployer the South San Juan and I cant walk that much.
xtreme, I have had horses for a while and although they are great backcountry animals, I always wanted a big Mule. I finally bred my mare with a large jack and I got a nice john mule out of her in June. He is on his way to 17 hands and I was enjoying working with him but on Oct. 5th, the wheels came off. I found him limping in the pasture and this is what happened.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5088This is a before and after picture of his front left elbow joint, just below the shoulder. He was scheduled to have his screws and plates out in late december but on christmas morning I found him only using three legs again. He cracked the bone just below his ankle, the long pastern bone. The vet said he just has too much weight on a leg that was weakened from the 1st cast and imobility. He was 370# at 6 1/2 months.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5089He will be in a cast for 3-6 more weeks now till it heals and then thet will take out the original plates and screws. Then we will be back to a long rehad. I will probably give him an extra year before I start using him. So I guess if I was to have just one animal totally dedicated for hunting and packing, it would be a mule. But my life was a lot easier when I had just horses!