I am looking to draw an Antelope tag for the fist time in Oregon this year. I have been applying for antelope for 15 years and it looks like this is the year I will draw a tag, and to draw again in Oregon will be likely be 20+ years. I am already feeling pressuse to succeed in my quest for a big buck. I drew a Bighorn Sheep hunt a couple years ago, at times the stress I put on myself to succeed took some of the fun out of hunt. I know antelope can be hunted in other states without a 20 year wait, and is not a once in a lifetime hunt. There is the potential for a big buck if I put the time in and can pass on the smaler ones. After waiting so long I want to make the most of the opportunity, but I have a tendancy to turn my hunting into a job lately. What do you guys do in a situation where you've waited a long time for a certain hunt to keep it fun and not stressfull?