I am a Nevada resident and I put in for Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming and I put in for anything between Deer and Mountain Goat, but I have never put in for Arizona. I have always wanted to put in for AZ, just haven´t gotten around to it I guess. So I have some rookie questions to get to know the rules a little better (I could look the AZ fish and game site for hours, but I figure its easier here ha).

1. Would you consider this a "must draw" state?

2. What is the draw system like? If I draw a 2nd choice do I lose my points, or do I keep my points unless I draw my 1st choice?

3. Do I have to buy a license or can I just buy preference points without the license? I noticed that the Non-resident license is like $150, so if I could avoid that until I start getting enough points to draw, that would be nice...

4. I realize that there are the famous areas like the strip and pauns that have monster bucks, but are there other areas of the state that also hold good numbers of animals?

5. Are there any archery mule deer areas that are in some higher country. I always prefer to backpack in and get away from the other people if it´s possible

6. I see that there are a few over-the-counter deer and elk tags... are any of those worth the time and money?

Can I get some ideas of some decent areas that hold good size aniamls for the archery seasons:
1. mule deer
2. elk
3. antelope

Sorry for all of the questions. I really don´t know much about AZ, but I would like to get to know it more. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone has a question about Nevada I can try to help you out.
Thanks for any info in advance...