Hey everybody so I shoot a bear mauler and I finally got to shoot is through a chrono and fps rating was only 264 fps! The mauler is rated at an IBO of 328 fps which is definately a speed set up but still I would think that there is no way that it could drop almost 70 fps from the IBO rating! I think Bear might have serously fudged their speed ratings on this bow! Is this normal? I'm pretty mad and I'm wondering if I should have just got a Hoyt Rampage XT because Hoyt's speed ratings seem to be more honest. I'm shooting a whisker biscuit which I know slows the arrow down 4-5fps but that isn't too much and I'm shooting 29.5" 350 spine Carbon Express Crush arrows which are around 9.5 gpi. Do yall have any reccomendations on how I can speed up my bow?