I'm from MI and have only hunted whitetails. Over the years my standards for an acceptable whitetail buck has increased. I don't judge any person's opinion of an acceptable harvest. If someone made an ethical harvest of an animal then it's fine with me. This year I'll be doing a DIY solo archery CO Unit 11 hunt for mulies and elk for the first time. I haven't shot many deer in the range of most whitetail hunting shows. Similarly, I don't expect to shoot a western trophy that would make the edited TV shows. The odds would simply dictate that it's not likely. However, I don't have any idea of what is considered as a baseline in determining whether or not to let an arrow fly. I am aware of elk antler restrictions.

There's been a lot of education, awareness and opinions on aging whitetail bucks on TV and in publications. But I don't think I've ever seen anything on aging mulies and elk. Educate me please.