Looking at taking my adventurous 8 year old up Mount Lassen this summer. Looks like it's a 2.5 mile hike from about 8,500 to 10,500 or so, roughly 4-5 hours per the parks site.

He loves to hike, the outdoors and backpack. He is at the age and mindset he thinks it would be nice to live in the wilderness in his own his whole life!

Any reason I should be concerned with taking him in this hike? Figure I will give us a day to acclimate at one of the campgrounds at 6,500 and then go for it. I did it when I was about 10 years old and pulled it off with my pops an brother.

Have you hike it? Hiked it with a kid? Any advice?

I am assuming there is no camping in the summit?

Any input you could give would be appreciated as my darn long term memory is not the best!