I know most of you are die hard westerner's. You have no idea how us towards the east can sit in a tree and wait for something to come along. I have hunted out west once and was successful on a UT DIY archery elk hunt. Have filmed in several other western states as well. Its awesome to be able to walk for miles and miles. But you won't find that here in the midwest. I have been chasing whitetails for more then half my life. I love it, its a addiction. I plan to start making a trip out west every year starting this year. This has been the plan in the past as well but these stinking whitetails get in my blood and there all I think about. Here is why I have the addiction with big Whitetail. 95% of these were archery kills, just something about being able to pick the right tree or ground blind to where the buck will pass with in 30 yards. Gets my blood pumping.

Here are some of my archery kills over the years