A couple of years ago my oldest son and I hunted with an outfitter in unit 115 for pronghorns. It was a pleasurably horse back hunt and I thought that someday it would be nice to do this again on a DIY foot hunt since there appeared to be lots of public land around. My son killed a 81" goat and mine made it to 77 7/8" with the one prong broken off. Not that we are trophy hunters but our guide certainly was picky with my sons goat. Not so much with mine. Great first time antelope hunt. Anyhow my youngest son and I have 2 pp each now and I feel that we can draw this area for a hunt this year. The only reason that I choose this area is simply because I was there once before. I am from Pa and as a non resident like to make the most of the time available. Even though I've recently retired and have extra time to hunt my son works and only has x amount of vacation time. We were thinking of going around middle of October and since we would be traveling together to cut costs, our time is limited by his vacation schedule. I have hunted the western states a number of times and consider this a two day trip out and two days return. The 32 hour straight through driving doesn't appeal to me anymore. That being said, the weekends will be for driving and that should give us a 5 day hunt. I am thinking this is plenty of time. I am not certain what this winter will bring to the antelope in this area or if it matters. Also there may be better areas with less distance to travel. I know this is my first post but does anyone have any thoughts. I mean other than stay home we have enough non-resident hunters here already

I"ll post some pixs if I can figure it out