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Thread: Wyoming Deer

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    Wyoming Deer

    I need some help on where I should put in for deer. I am pretty familiar with 102 and 101 but with only 2 points, I realize it will be a while before I draw that. I have been looking to put in for Region H as a second choice. Is there a possibility of drawing it as a second choice? If so, how is the pressure there? I am a strict bowhunter and am looking to backpack into the rough country region H is known for.

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    I wouldn't waste my time putting in for 101 or 102. Both areas are sucking. too many tags in 102 and 101 just needs help. Region H is awesome hunting. If you are planning on just bowhunting you should have the mountain to yourself. Not alot of people up there beating the mountains during the archery hunt, but on the rifle hunt look out. people everywhere.



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