I was recently honored with a request. My adopted father's hunting partner called me and asked me to help him put together a UTAH public land OTC hunt for my father and his 2 lifelong hunting and firefighting partners. Dad and both lifelong hunting partners are retired firemen from Springfield, Oregon. Over the last 30+ years they have never had the opportunity to hunt elk out of state together. In his call to me, Kevin, expressed concern that this could be the last opportunity for them to pursue a hunt of this nature, due to their age and health issues.

The request was to help locate an OTC tag that would give them an opportunity for a fair chase public land elk hunt. They were specific about hunting UTAH, because another of their fellow firefighters had hunted several years in UTAH on private ranches. Kevin was attimate that they had never hunted on a private ranch, and wouldn't start now.

Due to their age and health, 2 of the partners have limited mobility for long term hiking. Myself, I am in my 40's and in good enough shape to pick up the slack.

Can anyone offer information that would point us in the direction to a good unit that would fill our need? Any help would be appreciated.