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I don't think Eastman's have done anything good for me.
1. I am in trouble because i have them ranked in front of all of my wifes TV shows on the DVR.

2. I am in trouble because i am off running around all summer and fall "scouting" instead of working at home.

3. I am in trouble because I won't go on vacations to "the beach", because it will burn quality vacation days that can used for hunting.

4. The wife calls me weird because i will sit for hours and read the forum about awsome hunts and cool hunting stuff.

As I look at this list, I realize that I am living the dream.............keep up the good work. and thanks to all the people that make these

forums entertaining and valuable.

#4 x2 for sure. And the countless hrs of watching the tv shows. Funny thing is the wife will come sit down with me and watch a few without saying a word then when the show is over she will get up and say "I have better things to do then watch hunting shows" You know she likes them too but won't admit it.