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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Root View Post
    I see regular updates and communication from the Eastmans on Facebook, but their media there tends to be updates only. I tend to see pictures, status updates, ect, unless they happen to ask folks what they think on a paticular topic or picture. I'll gather there are all sorts of reasons why they don't stay active on the forum.

    I have a very good friend in the outdoor industry who is a writer and writes books and for magazines. He does some film work now and then too. He told me the reason he does not post on forums for the most part is much of what has been already written in the posts above.

    These are some of the reasons my friend had,
    (1) He felt his time was more productive for himself and for others if he spent his time day to day on other forms of media, writing, film work and or speaking engagements to name a few.
    (2) He did feel like somewhat of a target at times posting on a forum with his own name. Some folks, my friend felt anyway just seemed to want to argue with him, knowing who he was. The debates directed at him without explaining their reasoning or conveying their success tactics or processes were frustrating for him.

    In the end my friend just felt to use his time differently.

    There could also be the possibility that they never stopped posting but just changed their sign in name. You just don't know who you're writing to on the Internet.

    You are right Kevin! I guess I better come clean. I'm really Elvis Presley & I've been hiding out with Marilyn Monroe for the last 40 years! LOL I sure enjoy some of these topics!
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