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Thread: game camera????

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    The reconyx and cuddeback are pretty pricey. My dad has owned numerous cuddeback, and had problems with all of them. I've got a primos truth35 (about 75$) and was blown away by the battery life. Over 2000 pics on one set of batteries, with 1200 of them in a 3 week period of a cold Minnesota winter. We're talking night temps from 0-20 below. That's with standard nicad batteries. An added bonus is they're easy to use.
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    Bushnell Trophy Cams have a long battery life. I put them out in Jan and they will take pics all through the winter. I can get 5 months of life out of the lithium batteries in temps down to -25•. Usually the card is full or close to it. They advertise 1 year of battery life and I would say in decent weather they do a achieve it. I run 8 trophy cams and have had to send only one back because of it continually taking pics without being triggered. No other issues with them.

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    I like nimh batteries and have honestly had all kinds of heck with the newer cuddeback IR cams. At one time they were the best available, but they didn't improve from there. The ones I have that will keep battery life are the mid level spy point & primos cams. The xcam blackouts (primos) maintained about 26000 pics on sets of batteries, shooting 3 shot bursts w/ 10s delay.



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